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The association of Crohn's disease and peripheral neuropathy is a rare event and the pathogenic factors often implicated are vitamin B12 deficiency or metronidazole treatment. We report a case of severe axonal polyneuropathy associated with Crohn's disease and unrelated to vitamin deficiency or metronidazole treatment. This represents a very rare(More)
Sera of 103 small wild mammals (rodents, insectivora, cheiroptera) trapped at the beginning of 1980 in different areas of Tunisia were studied for antibody against 15 arboviruses. In inhibition haemagglutination tests, positive reactions were found against Dengue type 2 (2.2%), Tahyna (18.4%), Arumowot (42.7%) and Sicilian sandfly fever (31%) viruses. No(More)
BAEPs and MLRs for clicks were recorded for situations of selective attention, ignoring stimuli and mental arithmetic. Certain studies have shown no attention effect on these evoked potentials, but several others have shown reduction of latency and increase in amplitude under selective attention. Our study finds no significant difference in latency or(More)
Between 1969 and 1992, eighty cases of malignant pericarditis were studied by thoracotomy and biopsy, which made it possible not only to assert the diagnosis but also to dry the pericardial effusion by creating a pleuro-pericardial window. In 75 cases a cardiac tamponade of varying severity required surgical heart decompression. Pericarditis revealed the(More)
The scorpion envenomation is a major public health problem in Algeria. Given this fact, the Ministry of Health has developed a national strategy for prevention and control based on the training of health personnel, information, education and communication, and standardization of care on the basis of a therapeutic consensus. The monitoring and evaluation(More)
Basing on their personal investigations, literature data and statistic archives, the authors have tried to establish the geographical distribution of the main parasitic diseases in Tunisia which require a curative action together with an action on the environment for their eradication. Three of these disease are transmitted by vectors: Malaria,(More)
Blood samples of 156 small mammals caught in Tunisia in 1976 and 1977 were examined for the presence of antibodies to some arboviruses and arena-viruses. Haemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies against West Nile virus were detected in 19.8 0/0 of examined sera, mainly from Mus sp., Rattus rattus, Eliomys tunetae in the northern part of the country and from(More)
The present study considers the validity of objective auditory investigation via bone conduction. Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABR) and Middle Latency Responses (MLR) were recorded in response to a bone vibrator stimulation with or without continuous bilateral air white noise masking. In all cases, such masking was found to result in an absence of recorded(More)
In Algeria, scorpion envenomation is real public health problem. Since the creation of the National Committee of Control of Scorpion envenomations (CNLES), several steps have been taken to deal with this problem. After a brief historical introduction, we present the main elements of the action carried out both in terms of treatment and of prevention of(More)