H. Hedayati

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The aim of this paper is the study of fuzzy Γ-hyperrings. In this regard the notion of ν-fuzzy hyperideals of Γ-hyperrings are introduced and basic properties of them are investigated. In particular, the representation theorem for ν-fuzzy hyperideals are given and it is shown that the image of a ν-fuzzy hyperideal of a Γ-hyperring under a certain conditions(More)
The concept of quasi-coincidence of an interval-valued fuzzy set is considered. By using this new idea, the notion of interval-valued (α, β)−fuzzy k−ideals of semirings is introduced, which is a generalization of a fuzzy k−ideal. Also some related properties are studied and in particular, the interval-valued (∈,∈ ∨q)−fuzzy k−ideals in a semiring will be(More)
Using the idea of quasi-coincidence of a fuzzy point with a fuzzy set, the concept of an (α, β)-fuzzy ideal, which is a generalization of a fuzzy ideal, in a semiring is introduced and related properties are investigated. At the following, the concept of fuzzy ideals with thresholds is introduced, and the relationship between logical implication operators(More)
Using the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy point, the notion of (∈,∈ ∨q)intuitionistic fuzzy bi-hyperideal of semihypergroups is introduced. Several characterizations of this notion are given and the behavior of this structure under homomorphisms of semihypergroups is discussed. Finally, the notion of prime (semiprime) (∈,∈ ∨q)-intuitionistic fuzzy(More)
Stabilizing and localizing the positioning systems autonomously in the areas without GPS accessibility is a difficult task. In this paper we describe a methodology called Most Reliable Straight Line (MRSL) for stabilizing and positioning camera-based objects in 3-D space. The camera-captured images are used to identify easy-to-track points "interesting(More)
We study the soft sets applied on the structure of filters of BCK-algebras. A connection between soft BCK-algebras and filteristic soft BCK-algebras is given also. Finally, important operations such as intersection, union, “AND”, “OR”, and subset operations of soft filters and filteristic soft BCK-algebras are investigated.