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A miniaturized, telemetric, photoplethysmograph (PPG) sensor for long-term, continuous monitoring is presented in this paper. The sensor, called a "ring sensor," is attached to a finger base for monitoring beat-to-beat pulsation, and the data is sent to a host computer via a radio-frequency transmitter. Two major design issues are addressed: one is to(More)
—A new type of touch sensor for detecting contact pressure at human fingertips is presented. Unlike traditional electronic gloves, in which sensor pads are placed between the fingers and the environment surface, this new sensor allows the fingers to directly contact the environment without obstructing the human's natural haptic senses. The finger touch(More)
—When the human fingertip is pressed against a surface or bent, the hemodynamic state of the fingertip is altered due to mechanical interactions between the fingernail and bone. Normal force, shear force, and finger extension/flexion all result in different patterns of blood volume beneath the fingernail. This phenomenon has been exploited in order to(More)