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Point-of-care (POC) diagnostic devices are integral in the health care system and particularly for the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. POC testing has a variety of advantages including the ability to provide rapid and accurate results, ease of use, low cost, and little need for specialized equipment. One of the goals of POC testing is the development(More)
Smart sensors based on graphene field effect transistor and biologically receptors are regarded as a promising nanomaterial that could be the basis for future generations of selective real-time monitoring of target analytes and smaller electronics. So the purpose of this paper is to provide details a real-time and selective explosive sensor based on GFETs(More)
By increasing the request for mobile services, the CDMA cellular system has been used extensively. This is due to advantages of spread spectrum techniques used in CDMA systems, and their higher capacity in compare to the FDMA & the TDMA systems. Power control is a very important issue in the CDMA systems. Different types of power control are used in the(More)
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