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The role of intraocular stray light upon contrast threshold of two skilled human observers was studied by perimetric methods using the automatic perimeter Octopus. Stray light falsifies the contrast sensitivity profile of the blind spot when a critical test stimulus luminance, which differs for various targets, is exceeded. At still higher test stimulus(More)
The automatic Octopus perimeter has a large software development potential. An important property of the Octopus programs developed to date is their ability to distinguish between pathological and normal behaviour. At the moment, program development is concentrating upon programs in which criteria of normality are used as feed-back parameters during the(More)
Flexible computer programs have been developed which are capable of distinguishing between normal and defective areas in the visual field, in that the computer logic only grossly probes normal areas and concentrates on the abnormal areas. As soon as a defect is discovered, it is analyzed with greater accuracy. In this way, no time is wasted analyzing and(More)
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