H H van der Hem-Stokroos

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BACKGROUND Supervision and feedback are essential factors that contribute to the learning environment in the context of workplace learning and their frequency and quality can be improved. Assessment is a powerful tool with which to influence students' learning and supervisors' teaching and thus the learning environment. OBJECTIVE To investigate an(More)
INTRODUCTION Structured assessment, embedded in a training programme, with systematic observation, feedback and appropriate documentation may improve the reliability of clinical assessment. This type of assessment format is referred to as in-training assessment (ITA). The feasibility and reliability of an ITA programme in an internal medicine clerkship were(More)
BACKGROUND Global performance rating is frequently used in clinical training despite its known psychometric drawbacks. Inter-rater reliability is low in undergraduate training but better in residency training, possibly because residency offers more opportunities for supervision. The low or moderate predictive validity of global performance ratings in(More)
INTRODUCTION Various measures have been introduced to enhance learning experiences in clerkships, generally with limited success. This study evaluated the impact of a multifaceted approach on the effectiveness of learning in a surgical clerkship. In accordance with results obtained in continuing medical education, several interventions were introduced(More)
Little is known about the effectiveness of clinical education. A more educational structure is considered to be potentially beneficial. The following structured components were added to a surgical clerkship: logbooks, an observed student-patient encounter, individual appraisals, feedback on patient notes, and (case) presentations by students. The authors(More)
INTRODUCTION The Clinical Teaching Effectiveness Instrument (CTEI) was developed to evaluate the quality of the clinical teaching of educators. Its authors reported evidence supporting content and criterion validity and found favourable reliability findings. We tested the validity and reliability of this instrument in a European context and investigated its(More)
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