H. H. ten Cate

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A selection of these reports is available in PostScript form at the Faculty's anonymous ftp-Abstract Parallel software development must face the fact that diierent ar-chitectures require diierent implementations. Flexibility in modifying parallel methods and software is necessary because the eeciency of algorithms is dependent on the characteristics of the(More)
Domain decomposition is a well known technique in parallel computing. It requires the decomposition of a problem domain into sub-domains. This involves also a decomposition of the data structures for the problem into substructures, one for each sub-domain. If the data structures are complex, then the decomposition of the data structures may be a complicated(More)
In this paper, a short overview of project 3 "Advanced Flux Modelling" in the NOWESP project of the MAST II programme is given. The computational requirements of large scale 3-D ow and transport models of the NorthWest European Shelf are considered. The possibilities and implications of massively parallel processors for the simulation of these models are(More)
An important obstacle for an industrial break through of parallel computing is the complexity of parallel programming and of porting existing simulation packages to parallel computers. In the current paper a rigorous approach is worked out which simpliies the port of a package and parallel programming in general. The approach ooers exibility in modifying or(More)