H. H. Xu

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Hip fracture is a kind of osteoporotic fractures in elderly patients. Its important monitoring indicator is to measure bone mineral density (BMD) using DXA. The stress characteristics and material distribution in different parts of the bones can be well simulated by three-dimensional finite element analysis. Our previous studies have demonstrated a linear(More)
Fluid flow in most of geothermal reservoirs is dominated by fractures and their distribution. In this study, the following process of cold water injection into a fractured geothermal reservoir is considered: the cold water from a injection well advances along the fractures and gradually extract heat from the adjacent rock matrix, and eventually arrives at a(More)
The management of renewable resources such as commercial and recreational fisheries can be dificult due to lack of data, environmental uncertainty and a multitude of spectes intemctions. The data needed to manage the resource can be biological as well as economic and envzron.rn.ental. Biomath.ernatical modekg can help fill in some of the gaps in the data.(More)
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