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Background:Our recent study observed that the expression of ubiquitin D (UBD), a member of ubiquitin-like modifier family, was upregulated in colon cancer parenchymal cells. The present study further investigated the clinical signicance of UBD in colon cancer.Methods:Using quantitative PCR, tissue microarray (TMA), western blot analysis and(More)
AIMS Currently, there is no direct method for detecting Clostridium thermocellum in the insoluble medium. In this study, a quantitative real-time PCR assay was developed for the direct growth detection of C. thermocellum at the single-cell level in lignocellulosic biomasses. METHODS AND RESULTS The assay targeted the cipA gene and was able to distinguish(More)
An instrument used for measuring multiple scintillators' light output and energy resolution was developed. The instrument consisted of a light sensor array which was composed of 64 discrete SiPMs (Silicon Photomultipliers), a corresponding individual channel readout electronics system, and a data processing algorithm. A Teflon grid and a large interval(More)
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