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BACKGROUND Inconsistent accuracies of CT-guided thoracic spinal biopsies have been reported in previous studies. PURPOSE To determine the accuracy of CT-guided thoracic spinal biopsy, to compare the results with those previously reported, and to determine if there are any factors that influence the accuracy of CT-guided thoracic spinal biopsy. MATERIAL(More)
The driving point immittance (impedance or admittance) function is commonly used in electrical characterization of polarized materials and interfaces. The immittance function typically attenuates following a power function dependence on frequency. This fact has been recognized as a macroscopic dynamical property manifested by strongly interacting(More)
The relationship between human consciousness and oxygen saturation (rSO(2)) in cerebral tissue under high +Gz stress was non-invasively monitored by near-infrared multiple wavelength spectroscopy (NIRS). We studied the drop in rSO(2) levels in human subjects during exposure to various head-to-foot acceleration (+Gz) profiles. These profiles included(More)
-This paper presents an algorithm for assigning the locations and number of zeros to a linear system through synthesis of the system input and output space couplings. The approach imposes no restrictions on the state-space model, can assign both real and complex zeros using only real arithmetic, and is computationally efficient. Numerical properties of the(More)
This paper presents an application of the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) in the analysis of electrogastrographic (EGG) signals. Due to the nonstationary nature of EGG signals, the CWT method, which uses multiresolution scaled windows, gives a better time-frequency resolution than the short-time Fourier transform, which uses a fixed window. Spike(More)
A fractional power pole (FPP) model that consists of fractal sections in cascade with a piecewise nonlinear saturation element has been developed to simulate the interfacial impedance of metallic bioelectrodes (12). The fractal model was constructed by using a phase trajectory of a second-order time-variant differential equation with a unit step as the(More)
Chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma is associated with high rates of pathological complete response. A pathological complete response is recognized to be an important predictor of improved survival, to the extent that observation rather than surgery is advocated by some in patients with presumed pathological complete(More)
An IBM compatible impedance cardiac output monitoring prototype system has been developed for use at the bedside on patients in the ICU, CCU, ER, Cath. Lab, and OR, etc. This impedance cardiography (ICG) system, whose operation is completely technician-free, provides a continuous display with digital results and four channel color waveforms on an Enhanced(More)
Description of a computerized, automated method to measure the interfacial polarization immittance of a Pt electrode in nonlinear range is presented. The classical three-electrode setup is used for measurements in conjunction with a special purpose software implemented on a Unix computer using C language. A collection of data at very low frequencies (below(More)
We propose a new analysis method to extract the motility information from the electrogastrogram signal that has been recorded at a higher sampler rate than the conventional approaches. This technique utilizes a fourth order Butterworth bandpass filter in extracting the 50-80 cycles per minute (cpm) activity that was previously noted to represent the spike(More)