H. H. Sedlacek

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The aminopeptidase inhibitor Bestatin [2S,3R-(3-amino-2-hydroxy-4-phenylbutanoyl)-L-leucine] was tested for both in vitro and in vivo macrophage activation and antitumor activity in various experimental tumor systems including the metastasizing ESb lymphoma system. Cultures of resting macrophages were rendered nonspecifically tumoricidal for the two(More)
A two phase radioimmunotherapy based on bispecific MAbs in which one arm recognises a tumour antigen and the other a radiolabelled chelate, may prove more effective in the treatment of carcinomas than currently available immunotherapies. To establish this system we first showed that penetration into human carcinoma xenografts as well as long term retention(More)
A fusion protein consisting of the humanised Fab fragment of the anti CEA MAb BW 431 and the human beta-glucuronidase was expressed in BHK cells. Functional testing revealed that the specificity and avidity of the humanised V region was similar to the original murine MAb BW 431. Furthermore, the enzymatic activity, pH sensitivity and stability of the human(More)
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