H. H. Ramadan

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Many ears that manifest hearing losses caused by aging show combinations of atrophic change in the sensory cells, cochlear neurons, and stria vascularis. When it occurs in pure form, the loss of sensory cells produces an abruptly sloping high-tone threshold loss, the loss of cochlear neurons decreases the capability for speech discrimination, and the loss(More)
A regional chemical transport model assimilated with daily mean satellite and ground-based aerosol optical depth (AOD) observations is used to produce three-dimensional distributions of aerosols throughout Europe for the year 2005. In this paper, the AOD measurements of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) are assimilated with Polyphemus model. In order to(More)
Supporting students' autonomy has many outstanding benefits. It promotes self motivation and satisfaction for students in various learning settings. The aim of this study was to identify the nursing students' perception of their clinical instructors autonomy support. A convenient sample was taken from Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University at Maternity(More)
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