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We analyzed the time-dependent results after Coventry osteotomy in 118 patients (129 cases) with uni-compartmental osteoarthrosis of the knee. The median follow-up was 11.6 years (range 0.7-17 years). Data were noted according to the time since surgery. Group I (> 2 years) consisted of all 129 cases, group II (> 4 years) of 41 cases and group III (> 8(More)
The Schnöllner operation for reduction of spondylolisthesis was performed through a transversal incision. After removal of the disc, two pedunculus screws with two different threads are inserted. Over these screws the reduction is performed against a slotted sacral plate. The operations were performed at the following levels: 48 at L5-S1, seven at L4-L5,(More)
A special method of subperiosteal segmental resection is described as an operative treatment for solitary bone cysts in long bones. This procedure exploits the high osteogenetic potency of the periosteum in adolescence. An autogenous or homologous fibula bone graft locked between the ends of the cyst serves to maintain the length of the bone fragments and(More)
Blount stapling of the proximal medial tibial growth was performed in 10-week-old domestic pigs. A total of 37 animals for up to 17 weeks were followed up. The histological evaluation showed a different reaction of the growth plate in the medial (stapled), central and lateral area. Up to 6 days after stapling the morphological features were characterized by(More)
Sacral tumors are rare and may be clinically overlooked for a long period, because the symptoms and signs are often mild and non-specific. This led to frequent errors in clinical diagnosis and a long delay between the onset of symptoms and treatment. On presentation the lesions frequently expanded the anterior cortex, however, in most patients the(More)
Only rarely is a surgical intervention necessary for increased kyphosis in Scheuermann's disease. However, effective erection of fixed kyphoses is only possible with an incision of the anterior spinal ligament, removal of the discs at the vertex of the curvature, resection of the vertebral arch joints, narrowing of the considerably widened vertebral arches(More)
At the Orthopaedic University Hospital Muenster 50 patients were surgically treated according to the Cotrel and Dubousset technique from June 1985 to October 1986. An outstanding characteristic of this method is the three-dimensional correction of the curve without exclusive application of distraction or transverse forces, bringing about excellent(More)
We report the clinical course of 31 patients suffering from primary tumors or vertebral metastases treated by osteosynthesis with vertebral body implant. Surgical treatment of vertebral tumors aims at eliminating the compression, thus relieving the myelon and the roots as well as the reestablishment of the supporting function of the involved segments.(More)