H. H. L. Chan

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To study the relationship between dietary calcium intake, load-bearing activity, reproductive factors, anthropometric factors and vertebral fracture in Chinese, a case-control study was carried out on 481 women (aged 70–79 years) who lived in three housing blocks under the Geriatric Priority Housing Scheme in Shatin, Hong Kong. Lateral spine radiographs(More)
The prevalence and risk factors for vertebral deformity were studied in 396 community-dwelling Chinese men aged 70–79 years. Anterior to posterior (Ha/Hp), middle to posterior (Hm/Hp) and posterior to posterior (Hp/Hp − 1 or Hp/Hp + 1) ratios from T5 to L5 were derived from lateral spine X-ray films, using standardized digitization methods. Using values of(More)
The following health consequences of vertebral deformity in Hong Kong elderly Chinese men and women were studied: the prevalence of back pain, disability due to back pain, and low morale. Lateral X-ray films were taken of the thoracic and lumbar spine of 796 community-dwelling Chinese subjects (396 men, 400 women) (aged 70–79). Subjects with one or more(More)
DISTRICT OF PORTUGAL J,C.Branco, A. Briosa, V. Tavares, B.Arraiano, Portelegre Study Group of Osteoporosis. SPODOM, Lisboa; Centro Sadde Arronches; APOROS,Lisboa; Hospital Portalegre, ARS Portelegre, Portugal Objective: The absence of osteoporosis studies in Portugal led us to investigate the densitometric pattern and the epidemiological and clinical(More)
This work reports a method for reducing hydrogen content in silicon oxynitride film for integrated optical applications. The silicon oxynitride (SiON) films were grown by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) with N<inf>2</inf>O, NH<inf>3</inf>and SiH<inf>4</inf>as precursor gases. Using higher flow rate of SiH<inf>4</inf>and NH<inf>3</inf>,(More)
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