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AIMS Combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma (CHC) is a rare form of primary liver cancer, showing a mixture of hepatocellular and biliary features. Data suggest that most CHC arise from hepatic progenitor cells (HPCs). The aim was to investigate the origin of CHC. METHODS AND RESULTS Twelve cases of CHC were studied by immunohistochemistry for(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, clinical effects of three precision attachment prostheses were evaluated. METHODS 16 DUOLOCK attachments 15 ANKER SYSTEM attachments and 8 MK 1 attachments were applied to restore 22 dentition defect cases, which consisted of 17 Kenny I defects, 3 Kenny II defects, 2 Kenny III defects. The clinical effects of three precision(More)
OBJECTIVE Measurement and analysis of patients wearing dentures with SJ-1 type bolt attachments. METHODS Select sixteen patients with free end edentulous spaces, restore with removable dentures using SJ-1 type bolt attachments,measure the masticatory efficiency using light-absorption method,and compare them with those of normal occlusion and traditional(More)
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