1E. L. Walker
1D. E. Salt
1K. A. Vasques
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Several members of the Yellow Stripe1-Like (YSL) family of transporter proteins are able to transport metal-nicotianamine (NA) complexes. Substantial progress has been made in understanding the roles of the Arabidopsis YSLs that are most closely related to the founding member of the family, ZmYS1 (e.g., AtYSL1, AtYSL2 and AtYSL3), but there is little(More)
Let P (G, λ) be the chromatic polynomial of a graph G. A graph G is chromatically unique if for any graph H, P (H, λ) = P (G, λ) implies H is isomorphic to G. A complete solution to a conjecture on chromatic uniqueness of complete tripartite graphs. Chromatic uniqueness of certain complete t-partite graphs.] show that K(p − k, p − i, p) for i = 0, 1 are(More)
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