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Cytosolic glutathione S-transferase (GST) (EC isoenzymes of dog kidney and MDCK (an established dog renal cell line) were purified and studied. Specific GST activity was 248 and 317 nmol/min/mg protein, for dog and MDCK, respectively. Cytosolic GST was only partially purified by glutathione affinity chromatography, a substantial amount (43% and(More)
Six mercury compounds [HgCl2 (MC), Hg(CH3COO)2 (MA), Hg(NO3)2 (MN), C2H5HgSC6H4COONa (EMT), C6H5HgOCOCH3 (PMA) and CH3CIHg (MMC)] were studied using two kidney cell lines (MDCK and LLC-PK1), primary cultures of human proximal tubular cells (hPTC) and nonrenal cell lines (SAOS and Hep G2). Cell damage was measured with four different tests: neutral red(More)
Glutathione S-transferase (GST) isoenzymes from pig kidney cortex and LLC-PK1 (an established cell line derived from the pig proximal tubule) were purified by affinity chromatography, anionic and cationic chromatofocusing. Purification revealed nine isoenzymes in the pig kidney cortex and five isoenzymes in the LLC-PK1 cell line. SDS-polyacrylamide gel(More)
Foetal calf serum (FCS) dependent cell viability, cytotoxicity and detoxification were investigated in MDCK and LLC-PK1 cells. FCS was used at 0-10% (v/v). Viability and cytotoxicity were measured by neutral red uptake and by the MTT test. Viability of LLC-PK1 was strongly dependent on the FCS concentration, but that of MDCK cells only to a very limited(More)
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