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In the present study, side preferences in spontaneous visual exploration were assessed systematically in 27 patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD) and 17 age-matched controls. Assessment of initial visual exploration asymmetry (IVE) was based on the exploration of texture arrays requiring attentive oculomotor scanning. As shown in a previous(More)
UNLABELLED The EEG background activity reflects the functional state of the brain. The established sensitivity of EEG to drug intoxication and in particular to antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) made that EEG has become useful as an objective measure for monitoring chronic AED therapy and in investigation of cognitive functions. Therapy with classical AEDs has(More)
Difficulties in shifting of cognitive sets and perseverative behaviour have been shown to be part of the neuropsychology of Parkinson's disease, possibly due to frontal dysfunction. We have tested perseverative motor behaviour by assessing ability to generate random movement sequences in 15 patients with Parkinson's disease using the Breidt Perseveration(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze, in patients with unilateral regional epilepsy, the influence of intracarotid amobarbital injection order on the level of recognition memory, with both injections performed within approximately half an hour, when the order was varied by a first injection into either the epileptogenic or the nonepileptogenic hemisphere. METHODS Of a(More)
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