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A novel class of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) has been synthesized from Cu-acetate and dicarboxylic acids using liquid phase epitaxy. The SURMOF-2 isoreticular series exhibits P4 symmetry, for the longest linker a channel-size of 3 × 3 nm(2) is obtained, one of the largest values reported for any MOF so far. High quality, ab-initio electronic structure(More)
The coating of regular-shaped, readily available nanorod biotemplates with inorganic compounds has attracted increasing interest during recent years. The goal is an effective, bioinspired fabrication of fiber-reinforced composites and robust, miniaturized technical devices. Major challenges in the synthesis of applicable mineralized nanorods lie in(More)
The rod-shaped nanoparticles of the widespread plant pathogen tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) have been a matter of intense debates and cutting-edge research for more than a hundred years. During the late 19th century, their behavior in filtration tests applied to the agent causing the 'plant mosaic disease' eventually led to the discrimination of viruses from(More)
Surface anchored metal-organic frameworks, SURMOFs, are highly porous materials, which can be grown on modified substrates as highly oriented, crystalline coatings by a quasi-epitaxial layer-by-layer method (liquid-phase epitaxy, or LPE). The chemical termination of the supporting substrate is crucial, because the most convenient method for substrate(More)
Effect of pH on the adsorption and activity of creatine phosphokinase, Vacuum-ultraviolet photochemically initiated modification of polystyrene surfaces: morphological changes and mechanistic investigations, Photochem. Isot/hiocyanate-functionalized RGD-peptides for tailoring cell-adhesive surface analysis of structured surfaces biofunctionalized by(More)
Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is a robust nanotubular nucleoprotein scaffold increasingly employed for the high density presentation of functional molecules such as peptides, fluorescent dyes, and antibodies. We report on its use as advantageous carrier for sensor enzymes. A TMV mutant with a cysteine residue exposed on every coat protein (CP) subunit (TMVCys)(More)
  • Zentralbibliothek Baumeister, G Buqezi-Ahmeti, +47 authors B Schumacher
  • 2012
Dynamic covalent chemistry on surfaces employing highly reactive cyclopentadienyl moieties. In situ scanning electron microscopy on lithium-ion battery electrodes using an ionic liquid. Mechanosynthesized BiFeO3 nanoparticles with highly reactive surface and enhanced magnetization. Mild and modular surface modification of cellulose via hetero Diels-Alder(More)
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