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OBJECTIVES Continuous quality improvement (CQI) offers opportunities to improve care in small-scale office-based practice. Little is yet known about the implementation of CQI in small primary care practices. We studied the attitudes of physicians and staff in small family practices to a model of CQI tailored to office-based practice setting. PRACTICES AND(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the feasibility of a model for continuous quality improvement in small scale general practice and the improvement projects that practices ran after the introduction of continuous quality improvement. DESIGN A descriptive study. SETTING Twenty general practices in the Netherlands tested the model in an intervention period of 18(More)
Continuous quality improvement is a complex approach to improvement that describes an all encompassing “package” of principles, methods, and techniques (box). For large organisations setting out to change working practices in line with the principles of continuous quality improvement, implementation of the complete package may be appropriate. But for much(More)
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