H. Gautier

P. Weiss1
C. Jacqueline1
A. A. Thwe1
A.-F. Miegeville1
V. Le Mabecque1
1P. Weiss
1C. Jacqueline
1A. A. Thwe
1A.-F. Miegeville
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The crop sensitivity to ozone (O3) is affected by the timing of the O3 exposure, by the O3 concentration, and by the crop age. To determine the physiological response to the acute ozone stress, tomato plants were exposed to O3 at two growth stages. In Experiment I (Exp. I), O3 (500 μg m−3) was applied to 30-d-old plants (PL30). In Experiment II (Exp. II),(More)
Staphylococcus aureus, a major responsible microorganism of osteomyelitis, represents a challenge to treat because of the poor penetration of antibiotics in bone and increasing minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) to glycopeptides. The calcium-deficient apatites (CDA), closer to the biological components found in bone and other calcified tissues, have(More)
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