H. G. van Vuren

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Ž . It is often argued that interdisciplinary research is valued less in both qualitative peer-review based as well as in Ž . quantitative bibliometric assessments. A recent extensive, nation-wide evaluation of all academic physics groups in the Netherlands allowed us to investigate this problem empirically. Therefore, we first developed an(More)
“Field switchers” are an interesting group of people to study if one wants to find out to what extent and the ways in which the various scientific disciplines influence each other. In this paper we present and discuss the results of an inquiry that was conducted at Dutch universities among one particular type of field switchers, namely migrated physicists.(More)
In this paper first results are presented of a study on the correlation between bibliometric indicators and the outcomes of peer judgements made by expert committees of physics in the Netherlands. As a first step to study these outcomes in more detail, we focus on the results of an evaluation of 56 research programmes in condensed matter physics in the(More)
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