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Two age-determining methods were conducted on representatives of known age from the Order Carnivora (4 red foxes, 3 tree martens, 3 stone martens, 2 racoons, 2 badgers, 2 polecat and one otter). Age determination employed with the aid of tooth wear nearly agrees with the real age of the animals. Dating based on the formation of the age-dependent cement zone(More)
Blood samples were taken from the splenic artery, vein and pulp of 16 patients suffering from lymphoproliferative diseases, essential thrombocytopenia or hereditary spherocytosis and undergoing early splenectomy. The relevant parameters of the respiratory gas exchange as well as glucose and lactate concentrations were determined in these samples. In no case(More)
Measurement of acetaminophen by analysis of the second derivative of its spectrum is specific and sensitive. The method of extraction and the use of just one phosphate buffer as reagent makes this method very convenient. Readings are reliable from 10 to 1500 mg/L. A turnaround time of 20 min makes this method well suited for emergency cases. Precision and(More)