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Light exposure was measured in six day and six night watches (working 12-hour shifts five days in a row) during 48 h on work days and 48 h on days off using a photocell with a sensitivity corresponding to photopic vision. The photocell was mounted on a frame of spectacles, thus measuring in viewing direction. Light exposure was low both in night and day(More)
The effects of three different materials for furniture fabrics (wool, polyacrylonitrile and Skai) on thermophysiological parameters and comfort were studied. In a laboratory design male, middle aged subjects were tested three times for three hours in a climate chamber, being exposed to internal and external thermal strains as well as to stress inducing(More)
The investigation was performed in winter 1990 and 1991 when measurements were taken in 16 dwellings of patients, recruited from a pulmologic outpatient centre. Patients suffered from repeated respiratory irritations which they attributed to dwelling conditions. Inhabitants reported by means of questionnaires and standardized scales the dwelling situation(More)
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