H.-G Nusseck

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This paper discusses the technical issues that were required to adapt a KUKA Robocoaster for use as a real-time motion simulator. Within this context, the paper addresses the physical modifications and the software control structure that were needed to have a flexible and safe experimental setup. It also addresses the delays and transfer function of the(More)
It is known that transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) administered over the occipital pole suppresses recognition of visual objects. Our aim was to ascertain whether this suppression can be interpreted as a change in visual contrast threshold. Four subjects detected the orientation of an U-shaped hook flashed for 21 ms. Under control conditions, mean(More)
Transfer of training between the simulation of an inert and an agile helicopter dynamic was assessed involving a quasi-transfer design. The focus of this study was to test the ability of flight-naïve subjects to successfully acquire and transfer the skills required to perform lateral sidestep hover maneuvers in a helicopter simulation. The experiments were(More)
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