H G Kloepfer

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The bovine liver monoamine oxidase (EC was found to be inactivated by various well-known sulfhydryl reagents like p-mercuribenzoate, methylmercuric iodide and 5,5'-dithiobis-(2-nitro benzoic acid). The present investigation shows that the inactivation of the enzyme results from reactions of these reagents with 2 out of 8 titratable sulfhydryl(More)
A particulate enzyme preparation from the fungus imperfectus C~yptococcus laurentii var. flavescens (NNRL Y-1401) catalyzes the transfer of galactosyl residues from UDP-[WIgalactose to an endogenous acceptor. The radioactive reaction product is particle-bound, but is solubilized by pronase treatment. The solubilized radioactive material migrates as a single(More)
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