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Three-dimensional reconstructions of microstructures produced by focused ion beam (FIB) milling usually assume a uniform slice thickness with flat and parallel surfaces. Measurement of the actual slice thickness and profile is difficult, and is often simply ignored. This paper reports the use of artificial 3D structures of known geometry to enable the full(More)
Radioactive isotopes of strontium (59Sr and '*Sr) are generally regarded as the most dangerous of the products of nuclear fission. The passage of radiostrontium deposited on soil and vegetation into the human diet has therefore received considerable attention. Since strontium is similar to calcium in its metabolic behaviour it has become common practice to(More)
The development of combined focused ion beam and scanning electron microscopes has enabled significant advances in the characterization of the 3-D structure of materials. The repeated removal of thin layers or slices with an ion beam and imaging or mapping the chemical or crystallographic structure of each slice enables a 3-D reconstruction from the images(More)
The design and experimental verification of a novel Josephson latch circuit are reported. This latch is powered by the same AC power as that used for the latching logic circuits, thus eliminating the additional power supply demanded by other Josephson latch circuits. A SET/RESET latch and a 2-port DATA latch with LSSD capability are reported. WRITE delays(More)
This letter describes the first system level test vehicle in Josephson technology. The experiment consists of four circuit chips assembled on two cards in a high density, 3-dimensional, card-on-board package. A data path, which is representative of a critical path of a future prototype processor, was successfully operated with a minimum cycle time of 3.7ns.(More)