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We have measured CO2 fluxes across phosphate solutions at different carbonic anhydrase concentrations, bicarbonate concentration gradients, phosphate concentrations, and mobilities. Temperature was 22-25 degrees C, the pH of the phosphate solutions was 7.0-7.3. We found that under physiological conditions of pH and pCO2 a facilitated diffusion of CO2 occurs(More)
Biogeosciences Discussions This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Biogeosciences (BG). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in BG if available. Abstract Phytoplankton and bacteria are sensitive indicators of environmental change. The temporal development of these key organisms was monitored from 1988 to the end of 2007 at(More)
A special type of magnetic edge states is formed at the interface between a normal material and a superconductor. As the peculiar character of connnement due to a superconducting pair potential gives rise to Andreev reeection of electron-like excitations from the normal region into hole-like ones, these edge states can be viewed, in a semiclassical picture,(More)
Non-parametric linear regression is used for inhibition diagnostics and parameter estimation based on the velocity equation v = sKsV/(1 + sKS + iKI + isKIS) = sV(i)/(K(i) + s) = W(s)/(L(s) + i). From velocities measured as a function of inhibitor level i at different constant substrate levels s, median-based estimates of 1/W(s) and L(s)/W(s) are derived.(More)
The direct non-linear fit of Cleland and different methods applying linear regression analysis to linearized forms of the Michaelis-Menten equation have been compared. Comparison was made with respect to bias and standard deviation of the estimated values of Km, Vm, deltak and deltav. The Lineweaver-Burk method, weighted by approximately v3, turned out to(More)
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