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Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a useful reporter to follow the in vivo behaviour of proteins, but the wild-type gfp gene does not function in many organisms, including many plants and filamentous fungi. We show that codon-modified forms of gfp, produced for use in plants, function effectively in Aspergillus nidulans both as gene expression reporters and(More)
The NOTCH4 gene was recently reported to be associated with schizophrenia based on TDT analysis of 80 British trios. The strongest evidence for association derived from two microsatellites. We genotyped both loci in a large sample of unrelated Scottish schizophrenics and controls, but failed to replicate the reported association, finding instead that each(More)
Histological and ultrastructural studies of four placentae heavily infectd with Plasmodium falciparum revealed large intervillous accumulations of erythrocytes containing parasites together with monocytes which had ingested pigment. These appearances were associated with focal syncytial necrosis, loss of syncytial microvilli and proliferation of(More)
Mutation of bimG, the major protein phosphatase 1 gene in Aspergillus nidulans, causes multiple cell cycle and hyphal growth defects that are associated with overphosphorylation of subcellular components. We have used functional translational fusions with the green fluorescent protein (GFP) to show that BIMG has at least four discrete locations within(More)
The establishment and first 18 months of a psychiatric liaison service to a general hospital obstetric unit are described. The service was initially intended to predict antenatally those at risk of post-natal depression and to offer follow-up throughout pregnancy and in the post-natal period. However, a large proportion of referrals were of women currently(More)
  • Franklin D Roose-Velt, Buffalo, +106 authors Binghamton
  • 2010
WHILE NOTHING is less certain than the waves of political events, it appears plausible to inform Mr. Irving Ives, United States Senator from New York, that his Democratic opponent this fall is likely to be Robert F. Wagner, Jr., Manhattan Borough President. This, notwithstanding the strenuous drive being made by adherents of Avereil Harriman to win the(More)