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The gene segments encoding the constant and variable regions of human immunoglobulin light chains of the kappa type (C kappa, V kappa) have been localized to chromosome 2. The distance between the C kappa and V kappa genes and the number of germline V kappa genes are unknown. As part of our work on the human V kappa locus, we have now mapped two solitary V(More)
Nonlinear magnetization dynamics is essential for the operation of numerous spintronic devices ranging from magnetic memory to spin torque microwave generators. Examples are microwave-assisted switching of magnetic structures and the generation of spin currents at low bias fields by high-amplitude ferromagnetic resonance. Here we use X-ray magnetic circular(More)
Analysis of the human VK (ref. 2) gene locus led to the detection of a new sequence family (L sequences). Its copy number is in the range of 10(2). The L sequences, which are about 500 bp long, are found as part of the 3' flanking regions of a clustered set of human VKI genes but they occur also separate from the genes. Models are discussed in which L(More)
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