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The laryngo-tracheo-oesophageal cleft is marked by a missing anatomical separation of the oesophagus and the larynx. The cleft can be restricted to the dorsal part of the larynx (type I), extend to the upper area of the trachea (type II) or involve the whole of the trachea (type III). In reviewing our three cases and 82 cases in the literature, clinical(More)
Status asthmaticus during pregnancy is a rare but lifethreatening condition for the mother and foetus. Some authors favour the termination of pregnancy by caesarean section, while others have succeeded in saving the life of both the mother and the baby by the use of artificial ventilation in addition to conventional drug therapy. We report our experience(More)
We report on the prenatal diagnosis of a case of foetal meconium peritonitis pursuant to colon perforation in the 34th week of gestation. A sonographic examination of the foetus showed ascites, dense zones around the peritoneum and intestine, hepatosplenomegaly and hydroceles, as well as a slight hydramnios. The foetal abdomen was punctured under(More)
In a population of 40 patients with coronary artery disease the overall incidence of spontaneous ischemic episodes during 24-h Holter monitoring could be significantly reduced with ISDN 120 mg ret. and ISDN 120 mg plus Diltiazem 120 mg ret. However, the intraindividual day-to-day variability of ischemic episodes on three consecutive days of Holter(More)
Second-look-curettages at the end of combined radiation therapy of 44 cancers of the endometrium are reported. Eight rests of cancers and 11 atypical tissue formations have been found. In 19 patients symptomless pyometra could be revealed. Observations of progress between 1966 and 1975 showed no relationship with the results of the second-look-curettages.(More)
A comparison was made between three methods of local prostaglandin F2 alpha application for medicamentous induction of interruption in 375 primigravidae in the first trimester. They were extra-amniotic transcervical application, intracervical instillation of gel, and intracervical application, using a portio adaptor according to Fikentscher/Semm.(More)
The accuracy of ST-segment analysis by means of the Marquette-Laser-Holter system was compared with conventional ECG registration during ergometry. In 26 patients with angiographically confirmed coronary heart disease conventional chest leads and long-term ECGs were recorded simultaneously during standardized exercise. Simultaneously registered ST-segments(More)