H. Göschke

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  • H Göschke
  • Metabolism: clinical and experimental
  • 1977
Oral glucose tolerance tests were performed on 14 lean and 14 obese nondiabetic subjects before and after a 6-day fast. In addition, insulin tolerance tests were performed on 8 lean and 8 obese subjects before and after starvation. Both in lean and obese subjects glucose tolerance deteriorated during starvation, but much more so in the lean population.(More)
In 51 surgical intensive-care patients, who were given 400 to 650 g glucose per day i.v., 18% of arterial blood sugar values were found to be above 250 mg/100 m1 in spite of frequent insulin administration. In 8 lobectomized patients increased plasma levels of pancreatic glucagon, cortisol, and growth hormone were observed which may in part explain(More)
In 1972, Harris et al. (1) reported a marked increase of cortical bone formation and calcium accretion in adult dogs treated with high doses of growth hormone. Since in osteoporosis, bone formation is insufficient to compensate for the bone loss, human growth hormone (HGH) appears to be a promising substance for the treatment of this bone condition. Thus, a(More)
Circulating hormone and substrate levels were measured in 7 patients at regular intervals before, during and after pulmonary surgery. During surgery, cortisol and growth hormone were significantly elevated, pancreatic glucagon was unchanged and insulin was depressed. One and two days after surgery, growth hormone had almost returned to preoperative fasting(More)
Idealgewichtige, gesunde Versuchspersonen (12 Männer und 12 Frauen) wurden während 6tägigen Fastens und adipöse, aber im übrigen gesunde Personen (20 Männer, 28 Frauen) während 6–28tägigen Fastens untersucht. Bei allen Gruppen fand sich während der ersten 3 Fastentage ein signifikanter Anstieg des Stickstoffverlustes im Urin, gefolgt von einem(More)
In subjects of ideal weight (7 males and 7 females) total whole blood ketones and breath acetone were determined during a 6 day fast, and in obese subjects (8 males, 18 females) during 6-28 days of fasting. Development of starvation ketosis was significantly slower in overweight than in normal weight subjects. Breath acetone concentration was up to blood(More)