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OBJECTIVE We aimed to evaluate the long-term results of physiologic repair for associated lesions of congenitally corrected transposition of great arteries (ccTGA) and to provide a basis for comparison with anatomic repair for this entity. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Sixteen ccTGA patients who underwent physiologic repair from 1970 to 2000 comprise this(More)
To contribute to the development of single-component molecular metals, several nickel complexes with cyclohexeno-condensed or ethylenedioxy-substituted TTF (tetrathiafulvalene) dithiolate ligands, (R(4)N)(n)[Ni(chdt)(2)] [R = Me, n = 2 (1); R = (n)Bu, n = 1 (2); n = 0 (3)] and (R(4)N)(n)[Ni(eodt)(2)] [R = Me, n = 2 (4); R = (n)Bu, n = 1 (5); n = 0 (6)],(More)
Highly conducting crystals based on single-component gold complexes with extended-TTF dithiolate ligands [Au(dmdt)(2)](0+) (1) and [Au(tmdt)(2)](0+) (2) were prepared (dmdt = dimethyltetrathiafulvalenedithiolate and tmdt = trimethylenetetrathiafulvalenedithiolate). On the basis of the synchrotron radiation powder diffraction data, the MEM electron density(More)
We report the synthesis, crystal structures, thermal, IR, UV-vis, and magnetic properties of a series of divalent transition metal formates, [NH4][M(HCOO)3], where M = divalent Mn, Co, or Ni. They crystallize in the hexagonal chiral space group P6(3)22. The structure consists of octahedral metal centers connected by the anti-anti formate ligands, and the(More)
We fabricated Au-TTF-Au (tetrathiafulvalene, TTF) and Au-TSF-Au (tetraselenafulvalene, TSF) single-molecule junctions using a nanofabricated mechanically controllable break junction. We found that Au-TSF-Au and Au-TTF-Au single-molecule junctions have one and two stable configurations, respectively, and that the Au-TTF-Au single-molecule conductance is(More)
The bimetallic Ru(2)Pt complex [(Cp*Ru)(2)(mu(2)-NHPh)(mu(2)-H)(mu(3)-C)PtMe(PMe(3))(2)][OTf] (3; Cp* = eta(5)-C(5)Me(5)) containing a planar three-coordinate carbido ligand has been prepared in 93% yield by thermal isomerization of the bridging methylene precursor [(Cp*Ru)(2)Me(mu(3)-NPh)(mu(2)-CH(2))Pt(PMe(3))(2)][OTf] (2) via cleavage of the methylene(More)
The 2 : 1 cation radical salts of bent donor molecules of ethylenedithio-tetrathiafulvalenoquinone-1,3-dithiolemethide (EDT-TTFVO), ethylenedithio-diselenadithiafulvalenoquinone-1,3-dithiolemethide (EDT-DSDTFVO), ethylenedithio-diselenadithiafulvalenothioquinone-1,3-diselenolemethide (EDT-DSDTFVSDS),(More)
Hybrid systems consisting of the conducting layers of organic donor molecules and the magnetic layers of inorganic anions have been focused on as possible bifunctional materials, whose conducting properties can be tuned by controlling the magnetic state of the anion layers on an application of magnetic field. Here we report the magnetoresistance of the(More)
We report the crystal structure and physical properties of the 2:1 FeCl4- salt of a new donor molecule, EDO-TTFVO. Crystal structure analysis of this salt revealed that the donor molecules formed a beta' '-type two-dimensional conducting layer, and there is a short S...Cl contact between the donor molecules and the FeCl4- ions, which is expected to mediate(More)