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The Super Smart Vehicle System(SSVS) is information systems for drivers 20 - 30 years from now which are solutions to problems caused by automobiles and automobile traffic. The two year studies on the SSVS was begun in 1990 fiscal year under support by MITI. In this paper, first, present status and problems of automobiles and automobile traffic in Japan are(More)
In many cases of renovation work, it is very difficult to gain sufficient information about the existing building such as the positions and dimensions of the frame, interior and equipment because of incomplete or missing drawings. As a result, it is necessary to fabricate the parts on the construction site. We have been developing a system for measuring(More)
The Universal Communications Research Institute (UCRI), NICT conducts research and development on universal communication technologies: multi-lingual machine translation, spoken dialogue, information analysis and ultra-realistic interaction technologies, through which people can truly interconnect, anytime, anywhere, about any topic, and by any method,(More)
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