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We have implemented a job scheduling system for workstation clusters and massively parallel systems with highly efficient message passing interconnects that supports space and time sharing through multiuser gang scheduling of parallel jobs. The system is available on the IBM-SP-2 cluster. It is highly modular, scalable and can easily be adapted to a variety(More)
—Parallel robots provide high stiffness, accelerations and accuracy. They are relatively complex products that are designed using different knowledge domains. This paper shows an approach that makes it possible to configure parallel robots by demand always regarding the main requirements on the whole robotic system – the customer wishes – through the(More)
Effective scheduling strategies to improve response times, throughput, and utilization are an important consideration in large supercomputing environments. Such machines have traditionally used space-sharing strategies to accommodate multiple jobs at the same time. This approach, however, can result in low system utilization and large job wait times. This(More)