H. Fatih Ugurdag

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Nanocrossbars (i.e., nanowire crossbars) offer extreme logic densities but come with very high defect rates; stuck-open/closed, broken nanowires. Achieving reasonable yield and utilization requires logic mapping that is defect-aware even at the crosspoint level. Such logic mapping works with a defect map per each manufactured chip. The problem can be(More)
We present a new parallel, adaptable algorithm, which plays Mastermind game, and its FPGA implementation. The proposed algorithm is a cross between Shapiro’s, Knuth’s, and Kooi’s algorithms, has lowcomputational complexity but still offers competitive game results. The FPGA design part required subtle architectural decisions and trade-off between area,(More)
Finding the value and/or address (position) of the maximum element of a set of binary numbers is a fundamental arithmetic operation. Numerous systems, which are used in different application areas, require fast (low-latency) circuits to carry out this operation. We propose a fast circuit topology called Array-Based maximum finder (AB) to determine both(More)
Anti-dependencies are a major cause of bottle-neck in software pipelining. Anti-dependencies can be removed in software by code duplication as in the technique of modulo variable expansion. However, it is possible to eliminate anti-dependencies in hardware. So far, two such VLIW architectures have been proposed: Polycyclic and URPR-1 architectures. These(More)
Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (DPR) of Xilinx FPGAs in cases where there is significant logic difference between subsequent configurations is made possible by Xilinx module-based PR flow. Xilinx supports this flow only for high-end FPGAs and requires paid license, without which Xilinx PlanAhead software disables the related knobs and features. This poster(More)
With the advent of FPGAs, high performance application specific processors can be designed and produced with little investment using a software-like methodology. This ease of design, on the other hand, creates a lot of opportunity for design theft through cloning. A solution to this is bitstream encryption, which is a feature available in rather pricey(More)