H. Farooq Ahmed

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Keywords: Wireless sensor networks Key management Symmetric keys Public key cryptography Node revocation a b s t r a c t Pervasive computing environments find their practical manifestations through wireless sensor networks, which sense a relationship amongst themselves and the environment. Currently the proposed keying schemes for ensuring security, in(More)
In dynamic key management systems, while frequent control messaging may be necessary for robustness of security, it is detrimental to energy resources of wireless sensor networks. The problem is further exacerbated for sleep enabled sensor networks as a) malicious nodes penetrate into a network by spoofing the IDs of legitimate nodes that are in sleeping(More)
Cache being a fastest medium in memory hierarchy has a vital role to play in memory hierarchy but cannot comprehend speed disparity of processor and memory alone. Predictive Prefetching being one of the major concerns in computing systems. The higher level of predictive accuracy is greatly desired. In order to improve the predictability we are looking(More)
Multi agent system (MAS) is an emerging subfield of distributed artificial intelligence, but it has already proven its metal as a significant technology that converted the mind of researchers to develop the autonomous applications. The primary problem that is fueling the need for MAS at design time is to predict all the possible situations and behaviors(More)
— Grid computing provides huge number of hardware and software resources. For efficient discovery of Grid resources, it is necessary to consider resource usage policies during matchmaking process, since the discovered resources are useless if they are unavailable to use. In this paper we propose a framework for efficient discovery of Grid resources. It(More)
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