H. Fahrner

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In this paper an efficient system for structural analysis of handwritten mathematical expressions is proposed. To handle the problems caused by handwriting, this system is based on a soft-decision approach. This means that alternatives for the solution are generated during the analysis process if the relation between two symbols within the expression is(More)
Nach der Integration von Behandlungsplanung, Ordination und der organisatorischen Abbildung der Bestrahlungsplanung im Betriebsablaufsystem (BAS) wurden parallel sämtliche Dokumentenqualitäten in die digitale Umgebung eingebunden. Ziel dieses Vorhabens war es, alle Dokumente, unabhängig davon aus welcher Quelle sie stammen (papiergebunden oder digital), in(More)
Aging coincides with a decline in lower limb muscle strength (LLMS). Preserving LLMS may be considered a very important determinant of functional independence in the elderly. To maintain LLMS the question arises whether habitual physical activitys (HPAs) can prevent a decline in LLMS. This review aims to determine the relationship between HPAs throughout(More)
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