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In classification, previous studies have shown that an eigenvalue based technique can be cast as an related SVM-type problem and that by solving this SVM-type problem, the performance can be improved significantly. In this paper, we develop a recursive ‘‘concave–convex’’ Fisher Linear Discriminant (DR) (RPFLD) for dimension reduction technique of(More)
To stack more NAND memory dice in a package or to reduce package thickness, die thickness has to be thinner and thinner. This paper discusses the significant challenges associated with thin die in assembly process and device level reliability. A single die NAND memory ball grid array package was assembled with 4 different die thicknesses as a test vehicle(More)
Orthogonalized variant of Linear Discriminant Analysisis (LDA) is an effective statistical learning tool for dimension reduction. However, existing orthogonalized LDA algorithms suffer from various drawbacks, including the requirement for expensive computing time. This paper develops an efficient algorithm for dimension reduction, referred to as Fast(More)
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a subclass of the failure causes known as Electrical Overstress (EOS). This class applies electrical stimulus to a part outside of its designed tolerance. It is a sudden transfer of charge from one object to another through a contact or non-contact process. The most common ESD type is through contact process such as metal to(More)
Nanotechnology-based pesticide formulations would ensure effective utilization of agricultural inputs. In the present work, mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) with particle diameters of ~110 nm and pore sizes of ~3.7 nm were synthesized via a liquid crystal templating mechanism. A water-soluble chitosan (CS) derivative (N-(2-hydroxyl)propyl-3-trimethyl(More)
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