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The study started with the requirement that a photovoltaic (PV) power source should be integrated with other supplementary power sources whether it operates in a stand-alone or grid-connected mode. First, fuel cells for a backup of varying PV power were compared in detail with batteries and were found to have more operational benefits. Next, maximizing(More)
(ABSTRACT) Reducing the operating costs of chemical processes is very beneficial in decreasing a company's bottom line numbers. Since chemical processes are usually run in steady-state for long periods of time, saving a few dollars an hour can have significant long term effects. However, the complexity involved in most chemical processes from nonlinear(More)
(ABSTRACT) Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) are production systems consisting of identical multipurpose numerically controlled machines (workstations), automated material handling system, tools, load and unload stations, inspection stations, storage areas and a hierarchical control system. The latter has the task of coordinating and integrating all the(More)
A common practice is to design a controller by plant observations (i.e., experiments) and to optimize some of its parameters by trial-and-error. This paper proposes a genetic algorithm for the automation of the search procedure. A chemical process is introduced to explain the proposed approach. The process is controlled by a programmable logic controller(More)