H F P Van Den Boogaard

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Resampling techniques such as the Bootstrap and the Jack-knife are generic methods for the estimation of uncertainties in statistics. When applied in frequency analysis, resampling techniques can provide estimates of the uncertainties in both distribution parameters and quantile estimates in circumstances in which confidence limits cannot be obtained(More)
In a recent contribution, Hall et al. (2004) examined the use of the Bootstrap resampling technique as a means of constructing confidence limits for the quantiles of the (two-parameter) Gumbel and the (three-parameter) Weibull distributions. Particular emphasis was placed on the behaviour of sample sizes of the order of 30, which are typical of those(More)
Recording of simultaneous but separated activity of neural populations overwhelms the experimenter with a large amount of information. A clearly structured display technique the "Neurochrome" is introduced, usable on-line and real-time. It shows neural activity patterns while preserving neural identity by employing a color code. The Neurochrome assists the(More)
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