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Several grains of barley have been recovered from archeological sites at Wadi Kubbaniya, near Aswan in Egypt. The sites are typical Late Paleolithic and are firmly dated between 18,300 and 17,000 years ago. They seem to represent a very early use of ground grain in the Nile Valley, and evidence is presented for its continued use over the subsequent 6000(More)
This paper investigates the patterns of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&As) involving firms located in the EU25 as well as in the four EFTA countries between 1998 and 2003. It first uncovers the ‘cross-border balance’ of M&As across European states, before identifying, through quantitative multiple regression analysis and insights from qualitative,(More)
  • H F Haas
  • Developments in biological standardization
  • 1976
A potency assay method involving mouse protection against spore challenge has been developed and used, since 1967, for the potency testing of the Cl. sordellii component of several multivalent clostridial bacterins. The mouse test results obtained with several experimental bacterin formulations are presented along with other test data concerning the(More)
During the course of studies of the utilization of petroleum products by microorganisms, several Mycobacterium cultures were isolated which grew well in a mineral salts medium containing mineral oi,2 and as a result of their metabolism, "oil-soluble" pigments were produced which colored the oil yellow or orange. Since previous investigators have not(More)
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