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Oxygen cost of breathing.
The oxygen cost of breathing (\( \dot{V}{{O}_{2}} \), resp.), that is the oxygen consumed by the respiratory muscles, is an index of the energy required for ventilation. In fact, because theExpand
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Work efficency and respiratory response of trained underwater swimmers using a modified self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
Studies of the work efficiency and respiratory responses of trained underwater swimmers were made employing a modified self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). It was found that theExpand
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Effects of inert gases on tolerance of rats to hypoxia.
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Measurements of respiratory responses and work efficiency of underwater swimmers utilizing improved instrumentation.
Instrumentation for making work efficiency and respiratory measurements on underwater swimmers is described. Data presented on the drag resistance and metabolic requirements in underwater swimmingExpand
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Airway resistance measurement during any breathing pattern in man.
A broadly applicable method for the quantitative and continuous measurement of airway resistance in man is described. It permits the simultaneous measurement of air flow (breath velocity) andExpand
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The construction and operation of a chamber with positive (up to 500 psi) or negative (simulated altitude to 50,000 ft) pressure with small animals is described. Special regulatory and safetyExpand
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Demonstration of aventilatory mass flow during ventilation and apnea in man.
Use of the whole body plethysmograph has made possible the visualization of an aventilatory mass flow (AVMF) during both ventilation and apnea in man. It has been demonstrated that even shortExpand
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Blood gases and acid-base values of unanesthetized rats exposed to hypoxia.
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Some factors determining the maximum breathing capacity.
Maximum breathing capacity (MBC) predicted from the fast vital capacity (FVC) curves increases with increasing breathing rates. Experimentally determined data, however, indicate that the MBC increa...
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Oxygen Cost of Breathing
Three new procedures and apparatus for measuring the oxygen cost of breathing are described. Also presented are data on the O2 cost of breathing over the entire ventilatory range. It was observedExpand
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