H Erkkilä

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  • H Erkkilä
  • 1976
In a series of 50 children with optic disk drusen the anomaly was found to be associated with unusual properties. A cilioretinal artery was more frequent in the series with drusen than in a control series of the same age. The emergence and course of the central retinal vessels were studied in the right-sided fundi of 46 of the children and in two control(More)
In ophthalmoscopy, optic disc drusen often bear a fallacious resemblance to true papilloedema and some of those affected have neurological disorders. Adequate realization among neuropaediatricians of the relation between drusen and these disorders may save some children from neuroradiological and neurosurgical investigations, often considered unavoidable(More)
  • H Erkkilä
  • 1975
In a series of 50 individuals with optic disc drusen diagnosed before the age of 15, the anomaly occurred most often in the form of an elevation of the whole or one part of the optic disc without visible superficial drusen. Superficial drusen were seen only in 15 of the 92 eyes with the anomaly. In those 42 subjects in whom the anomaly was bilateral, it was(More)
In a family consisting of 8 surviving siblings, pseudoxanthoma elasticum was diagnosed in 4 sisters. One of them had a severe visual handicap, and another a slight decrease of the visual acuity because of the ocular lesions. The other 2 sisters also had fundal lesions, but they were visually symptom-free. Great variation was also found in the appearance of(More)
The optic neuritis of 21 children aged between four and 14 years generally was characterized by bilateral involvement (62 per cent) and papillitis (76 per cent). Often acute infections or vaccinations were preceding events. Frequently there was pleocytosis during the disease process, with production of IgG, oligoclonal and viral antibodies, which increased(More)
OBJECTIVE Frequency domain analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) is used to assess cardiovascular autonomic function. There are no prospective data on the sensitivity of its various components to glycemia or other diabetes-related risk factors compared with conventional tests and with other complications of diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In(More)