H. E. Ryder

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Hemolysates of erythrocytes from more than a quarter million people in Alabama were electrophoresed on cellulose acetate, pH 8.4, and those samples exhibiting an abnormality were also electrophoresed in citrate agar, pH 6.0. The globin chains of mutants other than Hb S and C were electrophoresed in urea-mercaptoethanol buffers at both pH 8.9 and pH 6.0, and(More)
In the “Mecanique Analytique” (1788) Lagrange proved the following theorem. If the potential function of a conservative dynamical system attains a minimum (maximum) at a position of equilibrium then the motion in a neighborhood of this equilibrium point is stable (unstabZe).l In 1885 Poincare showed that if the potential function is made a function not only(More)
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