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It was recognized in Riemann's work more than one hundred years ago and proved recently by Rauch (cf. Bull. Am. Math. Soc., 71, 1-39 (1965) that the g(g + 1)/2 unnormalized periods of the normal differentials of first kind on a compact Riemann surface S of genus g >/= 2 with respect to a canonical homology basis are holomorphic functions of 3g - 3 complex(More)
A special case of Wirtinger's theorem asserts that a complex curve (two-dimensional) holomorphically embedded in a Kaehler manifold is a minimal surface. The converse is not necessarily true. Guided by considerations from the theory of moduli of Riemann surfaces, we discover (among other results) sufficient topological and differential-geometric conditions(More)
1845-, " Generalized Riccati equations for two-point boundaly value descriptor systems, " in Proc. Y. Uetake, " Realization of noncausal 2-D systems based on a descriptor model, " this issue. Absfract-Some necessary and sufficient conditions for a polynomial in a polygon of polynomials to vanish on the imaginary axis are obtained. These theorems generalize(More)
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