H . E . M . Hunt

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This paper presents a method for simulating the flight of a passively controlled rocket in six degrees of freedom, and the descent under parachute in three degrees of freedom. Also presented is a method for modeling the uncertainty in both the rocket dynamics and the atmospheric conditions using stochastic parameters and the Monte Carlo method. Included(More)
The Royal Society report 'Geoengineering the Climate' identified solar radiation management using albedo-enhancing aerosols injected into the stratosphere as the most affordable and effective option for geoengineering, but did not consider in any detail the options for delivery. This paper provides outline engineering analyses of the options, both for(More)
An efficient and modular numerical prediction model is presented to predict vibrations and re-radiated noise in buildings due to metro trains. The approach comprises of three weakly coupled problems: the dynamic vehicle-track-tunnel-soil interaction problem, the dynamic soil-structure interaction problem and the calculation of the acoustic response inside(More)
High-altitude tethered balloons have potential applications in communications, surveillance, meteorological observations and climate engineering. To maintain balloon buoyancy, power fuel cells and perturb atmospheric conditions, fluids could be pumped from ground level to altitude using the tether as a hose. This paper examines the pumping requirements of(More)
The control of vibration generated by railways in tunnels is complicated by the dynamic interaction between tunnel and track. Conventional methods (floating slab track, ballast mats, under-sleeper pads) do not perform as well as might be expected and it is the purpose of this paper to explore the sources of error. The major factors which must be taken into(More)
Designing an effective environmental monitoring system for population responses requires knowledge of the biology of appropriate sentinel species and baseline information on the area's physical and chemical characteristics. This study collected information in Saint John Harbor, NB, Canada, for two abundant marine benthic invertebrates, the Atlantic nut clam(More)
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