H.E. El Fadil

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This paper deals with the problem of velocity control of a DC motor taking account the dynamics of the DC-DC power converter, supposed here of Buck type. We will develop for the global system, constituted by combined DC-motor and Buck-converter, a model of fourth order. On the basis of this model a regulator is designed using the backstepping technique. The(More)
Power converters regulators are generally designed based on standard models assuming linear the magnetic characteristics of the involved passive components. Since these characteristics are nonlinear, especially in presence of large currents or high temperatures, the proposed regulators are likely not to guarantee the performances they have been designed(More)
The problem of controlling switched boost power converters, in presence of load uncertainties, is considered. The converter is controlled according to pulse-width-modulation (PWM) and is modeled by an average nonlinear state-space representation. The control purpose is to enforce the output voltage to track any desired reference signal. First, supposing the(More)
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