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The objective of this study was to determine the upper thermal limits of Arctic cod Boreogadus saida by measuring the response of maximum heart rate (f(Hmax)) to acute warming. One set of fish were tested in a field laboratory in Cambridge Bay (CB), Nunavut (north of the Arctic Circle), and a second set were tested after air transport to and 6 month(More)
Work in swine and poultry units is associated with exposure to significant levels of organic dust and endotoxins with the highest concentrations found in poultry houses, whereas values found in dairy and in cattle farming are much lower. Corresponding to this is an excess of work-related respiratory symptoms in swine farmers. A dose-response relationship(More)
Blood amino acid concentrations were determined in the postabsorptive state in nine patients with insulin excess (functioning insulinomas), nine juvenile-type diabetics with insulin deficiency (diabetic ketosis due to insulin withdrawal), six juvenile diabetics in moderate metabolic control, and five healthy control subjects. Blood branched-chain amino acid(More)
Wild adult and reared larval Boreogadus saida were acclimated to 3·5° C before testing their cardiac response to acute warming. Heart rate transition temperatures during warming were similar for adult and larval hearts, except that the maximum temperature for heart rate was 3° C warmer for adults. Thus, in a rapidly warming Arctic Ocean, the upper(More)
Cholesterol embolism after left heart catheterisation by the femoral approach was diagnosed in seven men (mean age 59.6 years) out of a total of 4587 catheterisations. Diabetes was present in four patients, systemic hypertension in three, and signs of extensive atherosclerosis in six; five patients were taking anticoagulant drugs. Acute pain in the legs or(More)
Systemic therapy for malignancy may be accompanied by an acute coronary syndrome (ACS), regardless of cardiovascular risk factors. We present three patients with few cardiovascular risk factors and no history of cardiovascular disease, who suffered an ACS within a week of starting systemic treatment of colorectal cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and breast(More)