H. Dong

Ludmila Osidak1
A. Nasierowska-Guttmejer1
Mun Jeho1
1Ludmila Osidak
1A. Nasierowska-Guttmejer
1Mun Jeho
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BACKGROUND Preconditioning with volatile anaesthetic agents induces tolerance to focal cerebral ischaemia, although the underlying mechanisms have not been clearly defined. The present study analyses whether TREK-1, a two-pore domain K(+) channel and target for volatile anaesthetics, plays a role in mediating neuroprotection by sevoflurane. METHODS(More)
The Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network (GIHSN) has established a prospective, active surveillance, hospital-based epidemiological study to collect epidemiological and virological data for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres over several consecutive seasons. It focuses exclusively on severe cases of influenza requiring hospitalization. A(More)
Media Access Control (MAC) protocols are an important part of network operations and should be selected according to the application and scale of the network. In this paper we have studied two such protocols and present the results of simulation and experiments. We simulated two MAC protocols in OMNeT++ network simulator to compare the performance of ALOHA(More)
Development of an in vitro Eimeria (E.) tenella model could be valuable as a tool for vaccine, coccidiostats or molecular biology research. 1.0 × 10,000 sporozoites per 0.1 mL were inoculated into the allantoic cavity of ten-day-old chicken embryos. The complete life-cycle of E. tenella was accomplished in eight-nine days at 37 °C and 70% humidity. The(More)
  • B. Carlos-Ortega, A. Domínguez-Espinosa, R. Quiñones-Venegas, R. Gonzalez Ramírez, John Pyne, Devendra Sapkota +382 others
  • 2012
Background: Non pigmented eccrine poroma is a benign tumor that can have dermoscopic features mimicking malign neoplasias. The characteristic vascular pattern of this tumor hasn't been established. We found a scarcely reported vas-cular pattern, which can be useful to distinguish this tumor from malignant ones and propose a new nomenclature to these vessels(More)
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